About Us

Next Wave Energy Partners, LP is an independent energy company focused on the development, operation, acquisition and expansion of midstream and downstream petrochemical and fuels assets. Our core capabilities include customized toll processing, manufacturing and logistics solutions for natural gas liquids (NGLs), petrochemicals and gasoline blending components.

As a result of advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology and their application to various large scale resource or shale plays, an energy renaissance is underway in North America that we believe will last for some time. Like a stone that has been cast into a smooth stream, the renaissance in North American hydrocarbon production has had a ripple effect on the energy industry, creating waves of opportunity further down the value chain.

The outlook for abundant and reasonably priced NGL volumes in North America provides an opportunity for U.S. companies to use these products and their derivatives in value-added ways that compete with or complement the export market. Changing crude oil quality profiles and refinery product slates create additional complexities that ripple across the system and add to the opportunity set. These developments are altering the traditional relationships between natural gas liquids, petrochemicals and fuels, driving value chains to become increasingly intertwined.

Next Wave intends to capitalize on these changing market dynamics to create value for our customers by optimizing their value chains and further developing markets for their products; thus we are focused on building strong, collaborative and long-term relationships with our customers.

Led by Patrick Diamond and Michael Bloesch, the senior management team at Next Wave has nearly nine decades of collective energy industry experience with a focus on midstream, petrochemical and fuels value chains. We have a proven track record of project conception, development and execution, as well as the technical expertise and experience necessary to successfully design, and safely and reliably operate, midstream and downstream assets.

Backed by an initial equity investment of up to $500 million from Energy Capital Partners and management, Next Wave has the financial resources to execute a wide variety of greenfield construction projects as well as acquisitions.