Day Supervisor / Production Specialist

Houston, TX / Pasadena, TX
Hiring Immediately

Note: Next Wave is hiring certain key operations personnel during the design and construction of the facility that will move into site operations roles after construction is complete, so the job functions of this role are split into two phases: 1) Project Phase and 2) Operations Phase

Primary Job Functions

Project Phase

  • Support the design effort by participating in P&ID reviews, HAZOPs, 3D model reviews, operability and maintainability reviews, etc.
  • Support the construction effort by monitoring progress, verifying installation quality and testing, attend vendor shop visits for witnessing of acceptance test
  • Monitor the site to ensure safety practices are being followed by contractors
  • Work with the operations and technical staff to develop and review operating and maintenance procedures
  • Lead the effort to develop an effective fire protection strategy for the facility, including managing the training of the Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  • Support the development and review of safety policies and procedures for the facility
  • Participate in intense technical training for the equipment and technologies that will be utilized at the facility
  • Develop strategies and systems for production and logistics planning, including pipeline transfers, truck deliveries, etc.
  • Support the hiring process for the operations staff

Operations Phase

  • Develop and communicate weekly production plans to the operations staff, including target production rates, product quality parameters, tank and pipeline transfers, truck deliveries and inventory management.
  • Analyze trends for production forecasting and provide routine updates to Next Wave senior management team
  • Lead the Emergency Response Team (ERT), including managing training and certification, fire protection equipment procurement and upkeep, scheduling of emergency response drills and serve as the facility representative for joint-industry and mutual aid organizations
  • Recommend and support capital projects for facility improvement
  • Support the monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization of the facility by working the technical team and operations staff
  • Work with the Operations Manager and Shift Supervisors to support operations personnel matters such as training, evaluations, qualification and scheduling
  • Fill in for Shift Supervisors as needed during absences
  • Support the PSM effort through participation in safety reviews, updates to operating procedures, training, etc.
  • Support the maintenance effort through scheduling of outages and resources

Qualifications & Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • 10+ years of refinery or petrochemical plant experience required
  • Leadership experience such as shift supervision required
  • Specific experience with the sulfuric acid alkylation and/or olefin dimerization technologies preferred
  • Experience in commissioning and startup of new processing facilities preferred
  • Experience in developing and reviewing operating procedures preferred
  • Experience / training in emergency response preferred

Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrate leadership potential, organization and time management
  • Demonstrate a strong safety mindset
  • Ability to be flexible to changing priorities and demands
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to clearly present information to facility personnel and the Next Wave senior management team
  • Proficient with MS Office software
  • Intermediate computer skills preferred